Home Interior Design Ideas for Those Renovating Their Living Space


What you need is some home interior design ideas when you are about to embark on a renovation project. You cannot go without a guide and play it by ear when it comes to this matter because house renovation is a costly project. You need to allocate budgets so everything is effective and efficient.

In fact, you should never start calling a contractor before you get a clear picture for what you need. This is an investment; as such, you need to be very careful of what needs to be implemented. Color palette is the one point where you should begin with. Try to think about the one palette that works in general. Afterward, you can move on to finding out what works for each different rooms based on the general color palette you came up with beforehand.

On that note, you should go for high-contrast palette. Paint the walls in highly-saturated colors and add something else that balances them out. Try a mix of bold green accented by a splash of white. If your house is low on height and if you have racked your brain to find a way to deal with this issue, try installing a large mirror and fit the rooms with low-slung furniture. The former can create a sense of spaciousness while the latter makes for an illusion of height.

If you decide to go on with the renovation project, it is a great time for you to truly put your most treasured collection front and center. Antiques and unique items should make for the focal point in a room around which the rest of decoration should be built.

Sofas are also part of good home interior design ideas.  If for a long time you think that sofas are only good for seating, this is the right time to invest in some quality (or one with designer’s fabric, if you must) sofas and make them the statement in your living room. For the kitchen, invest in some floor-to-ceiling cabinets which make for ample storage room. But cabinets of this kind may cause your kitchen to look too dark for its own good. Work around this issue by painting the rest of the ceiling in bright color. While you’re on it, mix the tableware a little bit. Tableware that is too matching with one another will create homogeneity that leads to boredom.

Moving on to home interior design ideas for the living room, create subtle yet palpable textures by placing a straw rug. A rug made of straw is not meant for outdoor living only. It makes for additional natural feel to the living room as well. As for the bathroom, try to make everything look bigger by opting for glass bath stall.

You might be wary about privacy by frosted glass or shower curtains enhance the sense of limitation within the bathroom. Combine this with floor tiles that cover the entire space, right into the stall, and your small bathroom would appear bigger almost instantaneously.

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